Motorcycle Paramedic

A book of real life stories from a Motorcycle Paramedic

Paul takes his readers on the road with him through Sydney’s narrow, crowded streets – on a high-speed dash to try to save a dying child or a patient in cardiac arrest; sitting with a grief-stricken mother; or saving a worker on a building site or in the hold of a ship.

"First Responders. They are a rare breed. A group of men and women who gravitate towards disaster and trauma when the rest of us are running away."
Simon Bouda
Nine Network Australia

Paul Riley

Author and Paramedic

Paul Riley spent almost twenty years as a paramedic in the Ambulance Service of NSW in Sydney, six of them as part of the motorcycle unit. His career saw him involved in almost every kind of emergency that paramedics can encounter.

Here is a book review by Chris Goodsell, from Road Ramblings on Radio Rhema FM. Chris has been a friend for a long time but his review is without bias, well I reckon it is!

Paul Riley

"The radio crackles to life and the familiar call sign causes that momentary interruption to normal breathing. Funny how a simple thing like a call from the controller (no fat controller jokes, please – these people have feelings too, you know!) can have that effect, even when you are ready for it."

- Paul Riley, Motorcycle Paramedic

What are people saying about 'But where do you put the patient?'

‘I wanted to shoot you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I read it through in one sitting, you held my attention all the way through!

I honestly don’t know how you and your colleagues manage to do such demanding and challenging work.’

‘I had a few tears through reading parts of the book. The bits that brought the tears to me were the stories of the suffering for the families and everyone effected after death unexpected.’

‘I found it very inspiring and uplifting to hear your story behind joining the service and philosophy behind your work life. And of course the stories are always fascinating!’

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